Girls and Cubes


One of the barriers to girls pursuing STEM majors in college and ultimately selecting STEM careers is being engaged in hands-on, inquiry-based educational activities in high school.

So the Brightest Stars Foundation is launching a new project called Girls and Cubes  that will give female high-school students from underserved and underrepresented communities, the opportunity to design, build, test and launch into space cube satellites or CubeSats as they are commonly known. 


These CubeSats will be functional and have the capability to house payloads that serve to image the Earth or measure and record scientific space data.

In being a part of this project, girls will acquire knowledge and skills in computer science, mathematics, engineering and natural sciences such as physics - all at a level that will prepare them to take on college-level STEM majors.

The first-ever satellite to be built by high school girls in the US is called GaCSat-1  .  Once the cube satellite is developed, it will be launched into space.



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