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Our Beneficiaries

We celebrate the young people who we have had under our mentorship and tutorlage.  Below, a few of our protegees share a little about how they have been inspired.

"My opportunity to be a part of the Brightest Stars Foundation mentorship program has been nothing short of extraordinary.


The continuous guidance, wisdom and advice I have received has inspired me to keep strong and to keep pushing forward from the very start.


I have been exposed to opportunities that have made my experience as a student so much more exciting. Because of role models like that of my mentor, I know my dreams are attainable."

~Kadie - Trinidad and Tobago Mechanical Engineering

"The most valuable thing I’ve gotten from the  mentorship offered by the Brightest Stars Foundation is that I should never be afraid to ask for advice. I always felt like I had to figure everything out on my own and my mentor has really helped me take a step back and use the help I have available to me. This has given me a different approach to achieving my goals and it has made such a positive difference in my life.


My mentor makes me feel unstoppable; my dreams have never felt so close within my reach. Her endless support and kindness cannot be replicated and I cannot imagine a better mentor."

~Cheyenne - St. Lucia

Physics and Astrophysics

"Being mentored by Dr. Camille has provided me with invaluable support and a boost in self-confidence that I am on the path to achieving my goals."

~Leigh-Rianne - Guyana

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

"I first saw Dr. Alleyne on the Amy Poehler's Smart Girl Instagram story on July 19, 2017 talking about space research on the International Space Station. I immediately reached out to her to ask advice on space careers. Dr. Alleyne really motivated me and inspired me to pursue my space dream. She provided guidance  on which course of study I should take. NASA has always been my dream and also to do research in space. So I am grateful for the advice I have been given on pursuing a career in aerospace engineering or astrophysics."

~Sarah Ann - India

Future Space Scientist

"I am really interested in science, cosmos and the new things the universe oers us to discover. That is why I want to study aerospace engineering.


One year ago I met Camille and she guided me to look for good options of colleges and universities. Thanks to her help I could begin my search with a much clearer starting point. She told me about her experience in her field and I was very impressed and anxious to start my own way.


I am amazed at Camille's commitment to young people interested in science, and for me she is a great example to follow."

~Alina - Bolivia

Future Aerospace Engineer

"I met Dr. Alleyne in 2007 during her visit to Kenya. She did a talk at my school - Kenya Girls High School - that changed the course of my life forever. I was so inspired. She encouraged all the girls in my class to  find the courage to pursue our dreams and because of that I majored in Computer Engineering in college, unheard of for girls at the time.

Since then I have pursued a Masters degree and studies at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, a start-up incubator in Accra, Ghana. I aspire to be an entrepreneur in the tech industry."

~Roselyne - Kenya

Software/Computer Engineer

"During the years of 2012-2013, I was introduced to Dr. Camille Alleyne. She has continued to mentor me and we have always kept in contact. Over the years, she was able to share with me her experiences, and gave me advice on how to overcome challenges in a predominantly male field.


Although I decided to change from aerospace engineering to pursue a degree in Biomedical Engineering, she has still continued to guide me through this fairly difficult transition.  She has been an incredible inspiration to me, but also a great friend, and I am extremely grateful to have met her."

~Gigi - Trinidad and Tobago

Biomedical Engineering

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